Lunchtime photos

As you may know Specsavers have moved their IT department from Eastleigh to Whiteley last week. So rather than looking out over the train station or the backs of shops, I have a nice view of lakes with ducks, geese and swans on them, rabbits, trees etc.

Much nicer environment.


Common Darter Dragonfly

Of course, there are lots of cygnets, goslings, ducklings and other youngsters around, so I took my Nikon Coolpix P3 compact camera into work today hoping to get some shots of them. Got a few shots of the birds and managed to get a nice shot of a dragonfly that landed near me. Given that this is a compact camera, it came out really well, mind you I had to crop the picture as the camera refused to focus that close when I was zoomed in. I must take my DSLR and macro lens in sometime.

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