Stokes Bay Festival

Looking forward to Stokes Bay Festival. Although I’ve got a “weekend plus camping” ticket, I’m still not 100% sure I’ll be camping (it is only a few miles away).

It really depends on the weather. Last year I took a tent, sleeping bag and the rest of my camping gear on my bicycle.

Ready for the off

Ready for the off

This year I’m going to drive, partly because piloting the bike with that much luggage was hard work, partly because the chain is starting to slip and probably needs replacing, but mostly because I’m lazy 🙂

Oh, and if I do wimp out of camping, it will be less tiring driving home than cycling home each night.

Why would you want to drive/cycle home each night? I hear you ask, well last year I was off work for a week after the festival with a dreadful cold from camping out in the rain in a tent. The weather was dank and miserable last year, the forecast for Wednesday night looks unpleasant, hopefully it will improve through the weekend.

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