Everyone wants to take my photo

DSCN1088webI have a few Foska cycling jerseys and it seems that whenever I go out cycling in one, people want to have their photo taken with me. A group of us went on a cycle ride around the East Hampshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty around Petersfield and I wore my Marmite jersey. When we stopped for lunch in a pub, some young ladies wanted their picture taken with me because they love Marmite. A similar thing happened when I cycled to Wickham Festival.

I also have a London Pride jersey, which I wore when a group of us cycled to Portsmouth Beer Festival. This time a bunch of blokes wanted their picture taken with me (note to self, wear Marmite one in future that attracts the ladies).

DSCN1278webAs you can see I got a Homer Simpson jersey the other day and wore it on our regular cycle ride to Gosport.  The ladies in our group wanted a picture of my jersey (they didn’t want to be photographed with me though – definitely a Marmite thing). Much hilarity when the realised that Homer’s eyes make me look like I’ve got tits (but off to one side).

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