Why do I volunteer for these things?

As you may have noticed from an earlier post, I joined a local camera club back in November 2009.

Well earlier this year somebody commented that the club could desperately do with a website as they didn’t have one.

Some berk (i.e. me) piped up that he could do that and was promptly given the job.

I bought some web-hosting and a domain-name for them and started thinking about what I wanted on the website.

Now this site uses WordPress, as do a couple of other sites of mine.  However I had a look around at the website of some other local camera clubs and  thought I would give Joomla 1.5 a go instead as it seemed more suited for the sort of website I had planned.

I used Fantastico to install Joomla in the webspace and tried to convert the demo website that it installed into a camera club website.  I could not get my head around how to create a page with a Flickr gallery on it and was getting lots of 404 errors (probaly because I got rid of too much of the demo website), so I gave up and installed WordPress instead.

So, the Locksheath & Sarisbury Camera Club website is up and registered with the search engines and google analytics and it is getting a trickle of visitors. Hopefully after the search engines have crawled it a few times it will start appearing in the search result.

Somebody suggested the club having a Flickr group, so I have set up the lhscc group and put a slideshow on the website of the groups photos. Ok, at the moment the slideshow is rather brief – two photos, both mine – but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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