Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Sunday 25th April was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. People all over the world were out and about with homemade and commercial pinhole cameras.

A group of us from the Flickr Camera Camaraderie group met up outside the Hovercraft Terminal in Southsea and made our way toward Spice Island taking pictures.

I had two cameras with me: a Nikon D300 Digital SLR with a Lensbaby Pinhole / Zoneplate Optic and a Nikon F65 Film SLR with the bodycap pinhole that I mentioned the other day.

You don’t realise how long-winded it is taking pinhole photos unless you’ve done it. The pinhole lets through so little light that you cannot see anything through the viewfinder and hence cannot compose your picture, the pinhole has roughly the same angle of view as a 50mm lens, so you put a 50mm lens on the camera and compose your picture. Then you take that lens off and mount the pinhole instead and (in my case) get the exposure right by trial and error on the DSLR then set the same shutter speed on the film camera, swap that for the DSLR on the tripod and take a picture with that camera.

After a few pictures you get a feeling for the shutter speed you need based on the amount of light. 1/2 second to 1/5 second for bright sunshine 10 seconds inside the Square Tower (all at 400ASA). Why 400ASA? Well when I got my F65 film camera out that was what was loaded in it.

Of course you need to get your film developed, so it was off to Jessops in Fareham yesterday with my roll of film to see how the pictures had come out.  When I went to collect the prints the conversation went:

Him: a lot of the pictures are out of focus

Me: they’re pinhole

Him: cool, well done with the exposure

Me: thanks

So, have a look at my photographs and see what you think.

the guy behind the counter said “a lot of them are out of focus@

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