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Wildlife Photography Secrets [Cartoon]

No I don’t use this technique for taking wildlife photographs, but it is tempting sometimes 🙂

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Flying Spaghetti Monster Sighting

Flying Spaghetti Monster Originally uploaded by Jim Nicholson I went out to get the washing in off the line, as I was walking back inside with an armful of washing I noticed the image of the Flying Spaghhetti Monster in … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

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Lego – Create the impossible

My youngest nephew Jack is Very in to Lego Keen on designing buildings He wants to be an architect when he grows up. He might have a bit of trouble building these though

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Rosie’s Cadburys Eyebrow vdeo

My niece and her friend have put a video on youtube of them doing the Cadburys Eyebrows advert, and a snippet of it will appear on the TV at Christmas – how cool is that!

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